Jukebox Bully

Production, management, and marketing for aspiring entertainers.

Produce. Manage. Market

A one stop shop for artists wanting to be heard. We produce music, connect you with the industry leaders and create top level branding 


Make music
without permission.

Based in Chicago, Illinois and Newport News, Virginia Jukebox Bully, LLC. was founded in the summer of 2016.  Jukebox Bully produces music, manages top level talent, and creates brand notoriety in the entertainment industry. If you want to make music without permission then lets bully that jukebox.


Our Services


We create the best sounds and vibes you are looking to reach listeners with.


Top level representation to connect you with the hottest promoters, DJs and decision makers.


We work closely with a top level marketing agency to get your brand created and your music heard. 


We negotiate distribution deals on your behalf to put money in your pocket.

Watch Jukebox Bully artist Loso DaVinci’s music video premiere for his self-entitled single, XANY.